Other Help Sources


The Car Ministry does not have repair facilities or financial assistance for repairs. We suggest the following:

1. Check with your local high schools and community colleges that offer car repair training. Talk with the auto department instructor and explain your situation. They may also be able to provide repair services at a very low cost.

2. Get estimates from repair shops and ask for financial assistance from your church, a charity, or an organization in which you have membership.

3. Tell everyone you know about the problem and ask for ideas to solve it. Someone may know of a resource that can help you.

4. Call the social services office in your county or city and explain your situation. See if they have any programs, resources or referrals that might be assistance to you.


We have a very limited number of vehicles and we serve the Northern Virginia area.

Try these:

1. Tell your family, friends, neighbors, and those you work with about the problem. Someone may know where there is a vehicle that can be made available.

2. Ask your church and other organizations to which you belong to put an appeal in their newsletters. Someone in those organizations might know of a vehicle that can be made available.

3. Call the social services office in your county or city. Explain your situation and see if they have any problems, resources, or referrals that might be of assistance.

4. Some car dealers let people pay for a car by the week. This is usually called "buy here and pay here" and might work for you with a low income. Call around and see what is available for you.