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My family and I wish to express our heartfelt thanks to you for giving us the Volkswagen. We literally had nowhere else to turn. In the very few times in our lives that we have been the beneficiaries of such generosity, we are always struck by the power of God's love expressed through people such as yourself and your donors. It is my earnest prayer that someday God willing, we will be able to help some other person in need as you have helped us.

John J. and family

It was such a blessing to see (L.L.) move from despair to hope and from tears to joy.

Richard P.

Every day I have had opportunity to thank God for you and for the work you are doing. It has been a marvelous joy to be able to get around town in my own car. Your gift can only be repaid through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. I immediately took the car... and dedicated it back to God.

Gwendolyn W.

I wish you only knew how much you really have blessed my children and me. I now have 2 more hours to give to my children every day.

Jackie M.

I do not know even how to offer my thanks to you for the motorcycle. I think it is a miracle for me to get something which I did not expect.

The Rev. Eliya S.

...thank you so much for my wonderful car. My ability to minister and be involved in my congregation is so much greater. It is just such a joy. I don't think anyone believed i would get a car for free as a gift from the Lord.